Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Busy Busy Bizzie Bizee

I'm in the midst of a work swell that is sucking all thought, all wit and wisdom and all energy from my body and its only Tuesday. At this pace I should resemble of form of Cupie Pate' by weeks end. If you find little or no content here this week, its because it hurts to even type, let alone form a sentence that is coherent. Now some of you are thinking...."when the hell has this woman ever written a coherent sentence?"....bite me....mmmkay?

Coming Soon....
Cupie Spew.com...its there, but um...its not...or rather I'm not.
The Cupie & Pie Book Club, just when you thought there weren't enough of them!
More fabulous content and spew when I have the opportunity and or inclination to turn the computer on at the end of this hellish work week, yeehaw.
Stayed Tuned.