Thursday, March 31, 2005

Smitts is gonna beat Alda's ass, yo

I just got into the West Wing about a month ago. I've watched the first three seasons on DVD and a bunch of the new season. There is a marked difference in quality between the two, of course, and with Aaron Sorkin gone, that isn't too suprising. But I do think they're handling the whole "Who will be the next president?" thing pretty well, even if Alan Alda's character is laughably implausiable (a pro-choice repulican who tells off the religious right while running for president? suuuuure). I think Alan Alda will win in the end. They are just beefing up his character way to much to make him loose. But that's not the way the fans want it, evidently. Zogby, the premiere presidential poller, evidently doesn't have anything to do before the primaries in a few years, so they did a poll of West Wing fans. The results?
TV’s The West Wing Audience Speaks: Santos Favored over Vinick; Fictional Democrat Would Beat Fictional Republican, 44%-28%; Vinick Plagued by Gender Gap, Weak Showing Among GOPers, New Zogby Poll Reveals

I still think Alan Alda is going to win. They're just dying to pretend like they have some claim to balance on the show (like a pro-choice, anti-religous repulican is 'balance').