Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Happy World Water Day !
Without water we wouldn't all be here today, we would be little gross shriveled up lizards or something.
I really feel strongly on conserving our natural resources - water being a big one.
It really bothers me that I can be walking down the street and there is a huge house with a plush green lawn and their sprinkler is running and all the water is hitting the sidewalk and being wasted. I want to bottle all that wasted water and send it to some one who isn't able to get fresh water and then unplug that guys water supplies so he knows what it feels like to not have an unending source of water. GAH!
It's even more annoying when the lawns on either side of him have dry brown lawns, because those people know that they have to save water. But he's just to busy being dumb to know that.