Monday, June 06, 2005

Downing Street hulabaloo!

The Downing Street Memo is slowly but shirley...(heh, I had to do it and don't call me shirley or do, the choice, as always, is yours) making into the Mainstream Media. This is a "good thing" as my favorite felon and fellow anal retentive Martha Stewart would say. Here at the Spew I don't get knee deep in the details of things I post and perhaps I should, but my attention span allows me bursts of creative snark as opposed to laborious and drawn out details you'd rather not read (at least not here). I leave that to other willing and able bloggers that have a more specific point to make about certain things. I, on the otherhand, am not all about politics. I am about the snippets of life that are just enough to make you smile, chortle or wish you'd never landed at my pinko establishment. So with that I give you the daily dish on the DSM (Downing Street Memo), again not to be confused with MSM (main stream media) or MSG (dizzy-puke). All these links I pilfered from Shakespeare's Sister who is politically insync with my beliefs, but her rage is far more readable than my own.
~~After the Downing Street Memo: The Case for Impeachment Builds Yippee~!

~~The Plot Thickens: DSM and Bolton That hairy beast Bolton, snarf.

Okay, so if you don't understand the sitch here, it's simple; a blowjob and lying about the aforementioned blowjob can get you impeached. However, lying about why we had to go to war so you can watch your children die for Bushes Agenda gets you a second term at the 1600. What's wrong with this picture? Yeah, Saddam had to go, but at what cost?