Sunday, June 19, 2005

Gay Pride


1. A sense of one's own proper dignity or value; self-respect.

2. Pleasure or satisfaction taken in an achievement, possession, or association

Pride is being proud of who you are. Yesterday I took part in the Capital City Pride Parade
People met at the Capital steps to assemble and chat. I went to this part by myself, no friends to distract me. I sat on the steps for about 25 minutes just observing and taking it all in. Across the street there was a couple (a man and a woman) getting there wedding pictures taken. I thought how odd that what those two people had just done is exactly what all these people around me are fighting for, Fighting for equality. During the parade I rode in the back in a blue truck decked out in rainbow. We drove, marched and danced our way down the street to the park were the celebration was held. When I arrived there I met with my friends and we just stood there in awe. What we were seeing was beautiful. There where babies to teens to old women in wheel chairs. These people I was seeing were of different races, sexes and backgrounds. I knew nothing of these peoples life’s yet at that moment I felt more connected to them than I had to any other stranger. We where all there for the same reason we all wanted happiness and to be accepted. The park turned in a safe bubble where nothing could happen to us, we were bathing in the bliss of love.

There were speakers from PFLAG
About a dozen drag queens put on a show, a gypsy swing band and a troupe of belly dancers came to woo us with there magic. As the day progressed on and my sunburn got worse I was still mesmerized by the people surrounding me. I walked around to the booths until I found the Human Rights Campaign booth Talking to the girl I learned that In more than two- thirds of the states that it’s legal to fire someone just because that are gay, bisexual or transgender. It is also legal to deny a person an interview or promotion for the same reason. She explained to me that hate crimes against gay people are rising but the federal hate crimes law does not cover sexual orientation. She told me that unless you’re married to your partner you can’t make medical decisions, get social security survivor benefits or get the 1,100 + federal benefits that you can only get though marriage. This is wrong in my eyes, Gay, bi and transgender people should not be denied what straight people get just because they are straight. I strongly believe in equal rights for all humans of all back grounds. Yesterday I found my self being over the top happy that these people came out to support one another in what they believe in and I wonder if the new married couple getting there wedding pictures taken was a sign, a omen stating that every one will have the rights to marry in only a matter of time.