Monday, March 31, 2003

Tell me why......I don't like Mondays...

So lets see, this year is about......DOOM. The Night Club disasters. The freaking Columbia go boom. And last but never least the Iraq Smack Down! That's a lot to fit into the first three months of a year. I'm tired.

Anyhoo, I spent the weekend with my nose in tech manuals and the end result is my new template. Funky, bright and me, no, really.

I can see why tech geeks are pasty looking geeks, until you solve the are a prisoner of your own making, must find the answer *sips coffee** Who needs sleep when there is a solution to the disfunction. Now, If I had the same desire to correct my neurosis that would be wonderful, but alas, I've no time for that......heh.

No parties this weekend, no drinking this weekend, just a geek fest. I'm sure my friends (when they finally notice me missing) will ask.......Cupie where art thou??? Or not......LOL. I guess I have to get back to society today *sigh*. I am feeling less Goddess like and the symptoms of my monthly blood letting have subsided.....whew :oP~ Have a super day!