Thursday, April 10, 2003

As Good as it Gets? Shoot me!

All the stress of this past few days is comfortably nestled in my shoulders and neck........I've been wincing periodically from the pain, at this point I resemble Quasimodo having an orgasm, no less. If you feel it's necessary to say the wrong thing to'll regret it....(cos, nothin could possibly be right, right?). I will say.... I did have a much better perspective today, less bitchy, more....mellow. The crossroads that brought me to this blogging phenomenon continues and progresses. I am an admitted neurotic......but, I think I've got a grip on it now, my insanity.....LOL, kinda ;) Anyhoo, I will be turning 39 soon and I took inventory of my life and it fucking depressed the hell of me. Jesus, the measure of my life could added up in inches!

SWF: I smoke, I drink, I struggle with my self depreciating neurosis daily. I have two cats: Ruby & Sophie who will most likely eat me upon my death, joy. I'm bankrupt and emotionally inept. I wish my hair was longer, I wish I'd stayed in college and I want to believe there is a God, but, yanno......... I'm not totally fucking sure of anything, let alone a God I do know that I'm quite fond of the word 'Fuck' much to my mother's dismay. I'm over opinionated and gosh if my opinions don't mean squat in the grand scheme of things! I have no children and it's looking meek as my inner time clock has been confused since it's first day light savings time (fricken time travel, yeah....mmhmm). I over analyze things of little relevance and ignore taking action on anything that might make me happy. I love Beer. It shows on my ass and gut.....(sexxy!).....a good laugh = great orgasm (me-ow) and most importantly I walk the talk..heh!!!

I'm a little aggressive when I want something I know is bad for me. I put faith in what I can do, and do it fucking well, when I'm in the mood, I have known love.....*splat* I know of Loss......mmkay.......right at this moment I'm experiencing a mental Jihad, yo!

"Wake up Neo......." I'm quite fond of rabbits........*burp*.......(I hate long winded blog posts)....LOL! Mmmmkay, I wanna be adored. I freak people out, hehe. I don't and won't drive, ever. Eye, I and, insane. Employed at same job for past 7 years and um.....blah, needing a change. What's this thing called sex? (OMFG) help. OBO


Winning combo if I say so myself.....!!!! LOL!

Feedback appreciated! LOL!