Thursday, April 03, 2003

Can't think, just the facts mam.......what facts? Mam, just the fact.....*SpLat*


Day: Thursday

What I say today: A freakin Rainbow.

How I feel right now: Broke, bitchy (e.g. fuck it all mode/mood) Yo, Adrian.

Color: Red

Food: Salad, fucking salad.

Drink: Riesling

Smell my finger?: um.....heh.

Mariners: (W)yippppeeeeeee!

War: In Baghdad, have Airport, rescued POW safe & recovering, Edder Vedder played with a Bush mask, bad Eddie....conciliation prize: You have every right to do what you did, more power bitch, but the thing is...your now on the black ball list with The Dixie Chicks , Peter Arnett and hey, hey...Geraldo. Ain't it fun being American??? WoooHoooOOOo! time you play with Bush, practice safe speech..mmmkay.

American EYEdoll: Cory Clark busted, no contestant voted off. What a stupid mother fucker......but sponsors get a WIN, not losing a week of advertisement. Good ol American commerce. Pssssst.....I wanna shag that Simon fella........alrighty.

Hans Blix: Quite his day job.