Sunday, April 06, 2003



Raw, pure emotion.....War=Raw Rock n' Roll=Raw. The most purist forms of expression seen through eyes, not our own. David Bloom died today serving his country and should be decorated with full colors as a tribute. Mr. Bloom did not die of Enemy fire and or friendly fire. He died of a pulmonary embolism in his lungs. This dude put his fucking balls on the line for the story, he asked the hard questions, he rode with the troops and experience enemy fire.......he gave empathy to the soldiers, put himself out in the sheer misery of War and shared it with us, sharing hell, ty. He was a father of three and an adored husband. War is hard enough without having to die from freakin natural circumstances. Peace be with the dude, and from the bottom of our 1st amendment rights, Thank You!

In other News.....

Kurt Cobain died 9 years ago this week.....yeah he died by his own hand with no regard for his craft, only his own raw pain.......walk a mile in another mans shoes, no thank you.

In life, when given the opportunity all risks should be weighed and taken if at all possible. All creativity, shared, full on. These men gave us both. The willingness of Bloom to risk the horrors of being on the front line and the raw; pure emotion of Cobain's lyrics.

Humans are just a *blip* on the map of the world, some of us share and show us the highs and lows of our humanities and enrich our lives, most of us listen and watch in awe, dare we ever challenge our souls, dare we put our selves out there for public opinion. I say.........(apprehensively) it. If you want to face the it and live through it......or's all about choice. Make music, be the poetry........all the fucking Highs and Lows, this ain't no god damned rehearsal, do what you want....but, when your doin' it, what you want, do it with fucking honesty, burn yerself out.......flicker and shine......Bloom & grow, forever.......LOL ;) *SpLaT*

Back to the apprehensive part, I say this only to those who think they know their mind. We are all solitary beings......make the best choice for want you want in life. I KNOW my mind, and I'm sure both these men knew their minds. Dew, do, doot! As my Eyes might say.......just 'Be' my Leftside might say.......:"There once was a girl from Nantucket....",

Fashion Statement du jour: Cupie wears on heart on a

Thanks and come again! ***flicks, bic.****