Wednesday, April 09, 2003


So it appears that the military has taken Baghdad. Rumors of Saddam hiding, Saddam dead, and my favorite Saddam & Satan. Now on the bood tube I watch as they strategize on how to remove a Saddam Statue. We have control of the T.V. stations, we are liberators.....maybe now Iraq will experience the sheer joy of American Idol. I say, show them the Cher Farewell Concert a perfect example of American to will now have the opportunity to wear wigs and shake your menapausal groove thang. Iraq will love the upcoming liberties of Democracy, as we in the US smack each other around for disagreeing with each other, by the grace of our excellent military.......Iraqi's will now have the same power to Black List the Dixie Chicks if they so want. God bless us everyone.

Well they just toppled the Statue, and I watch how the people rejoice and dance on that bitch's grave. Saddam's regime go splat!!