Thursday, May 01, 2003

American Idol


Millions were shocked when American Idol contestant Rueban Stoddard made the bottom 2. Ratings ploy, perhaps, ya gotta keep it interesting, I guess. It's quite obvious to the majority that the Cowboy/Marine will be next unless that Kim chicka screws up completely.....but really it's all about Rueban and Clay.....and Clay apparently has Neil Sedaka wanting to pimp his goods....eek. Personally I thought Neil was a little hot for Clay (not that there's anything wrong with that......) As far as longeviety it's all about Reuban's Croonin' what a loverly voice. Go, Rueban!

My Power went out yesterday whilst I was mid sentence with a friend and of course my hair was wet and I had to be to work......UGH!!!!!! My thought immediately went to the people in Iraq who are without water and power, so it took a little of my pissy-no-power mood away and I carried on with funky hair and sloppy make-up...(applied with little light)...scary. The day did progress uneventfully tho, ty Jesus.

I started Tom Robbins lastest book yesterday........any book that starts with the sentence: "It has been reported that Tanuki fell from the sky using his scrotum as a parachute." is a top pick for So far it's enjoyable.....I'll let ya know.

As for lingers and proceeds. My 39th birthday is this Saturday and um.....that's it, ugh. One more year down the drain, yipppeeeeee!