Wednesday, May 14, 2003


Oh yeah.....

Tuesday May 14th, 2003 a day that will live in infamy? Not, but I did get cable T.V. again after 3 years, I flipped channels like a speed demon most of the day. I remember now why I chose to get rid of cable....too many choices I loved the simplicity of having only 5 channels, when you have 70, by the time you've flipped through all the channels you've missed anything you might have wanted to see....ugh. The nice part is that all the shows are clear now and on the New television not only is it clear but everyone has a big head and it's much easier to scrutinize beauty or lack thereof. Most of my adult life has been without cable, I wasn't a priority. So why now? The new television, period. It's May and the sweeps are on and too acutally see the American Idols up close and hear them in Lucky moi.

Blogger should be releasing the new and improved version soon, I'm looking forword to it.....can you say template change? Heh, Now that blogging has exploded beyond reason everyone is getting in the's a nice tool, for ranting, information...etc. Even Ev's Head (see Blogger homepage, too lazy to link it, ugh) did a nice lil template change...and when the head Blogger Bitch gets know progress is at hand. Whoopie!

I want to thank my loverly Pie and her loverly hubby Rob (bassist for Painted Window, meow) for leaving a birthday card on my desk, it meant a lot and ty....*smooches* to both of you!! I keep dusting Pie's birthday present, her birthday was last, we gotta hook up soon.

Mmmmmmkay, once I get over the infatuation of actually seeing what I'm watching on television ( the new glasses help as well ) I'll get back to my nerdly ways......Have a most loverly day!