Thursday, May 29, 2003

Full Frontal

I tried....

I tried watching the movie "Full Frontal"....It was confusing as fuck, egads...a movie within a movie within a movie with a smattering of celebrity actors being oh so generous as to donate their time for (god forbid) scale. I was so enthralled by all this I fell asleep before it ended....when I awoke I looked at the credits as they rolled by on the screen and thought that perhaps I should go back to the part where I fell asleep, but I went to bed instead and watched the remaining half hour of Law & Order, well I actually just continued my slumber, but I made the attempt.

Yesterday, my Boss read the riot act to us about Harry Potter.......we cannot even open the boxes on receipt, if you do, you'll be fired...what a fucking human resources nightmare, threats of firing over the very book that will make our year somewhat profitable, chill people, chill. God forbid my receiving clerk snatch a Harry Potter and deliver it to the masses before it's rightful street date. Hell I'm just pleased that the kid receiving my books knows what a book is!!! Scholastic sent us Harry Potter baseball caps, you know how all the witches and wizards wear baseball caps......mmmhmmm.....anyhoo, the grubby-ass collecting consumers out there are already trying to buy the hats...yikes. It's bad enough were playing into the whole opening at midnight on the 21st, I'd like to totally fuck with the people and say I didn't get enough copies, but alas my big ass opinionated mouth has gotten my ass in trouble twice in the past week......I gotta work on that...fuckers. Hehe.