Sunday, June 29, 2003

Cupie Udate!

Harry Potter, I survived it, though looking at my posts for those days I'm sure there's a good argument that I may have in fact melted into Puddle of Cupie, it was a close call but I survived it. We did a midnight opening I expected only about 50 or so regular customers golly how wrong I was!!! Barnes & Nobles and Borders all within a mile of my store ran out and sent the pissy people to me!!! So, literally Hundreds came to the Mall, the line wrapped around the perimeter of my store and down the center isle!!! I was on the verge of a full on Anxiety attack, but then I sucked it up and got all militant on their asses!! It took us an hour and 15 minutes to ring up all of them....with one man stumbling in around 1:20 am looking rather exhausted from driving I-5 to find a copy of the book, we were tired but welcomed him in, he was almost giddy we had some and made his purchase knowing he would soon be a hero in his child's eyes.....and that my friends is the Magic of Harry Potter. It was a phenomenal literary event that had me comping LY @ 978%!!! Yo! I had inventory the following night and that went smoothly as well, thank god! Dealing with thousands in a 3 day span tortured my brain.....I promptly went into classic Cupie mode and went into hiding and redeveloping this here blog. Yeehaw.