Friday, June 20, 2003

Today is the day, well 12:01am and then book geeks will have their book, myself included. "Go Harry, go's your birthday" Snarf.

Actually I'm looking forward to the festivities it may brighten an otherwise full on pissy state my brain is in. Dare I say more???? Why? Blah, Snarf, piss, shit, fuck and of course....asspirates. Anyhoo, I work till about 2am pimpin the Potter....I come home and sleep 4 hours, wake and be a bucket of Sunshine for the early risers.....It's all for fun....mmmhmmm. Then I come home, read...heh;) then back to work on Sunday for more Potter mayhem and my annual Inventory which should bring me home around 11pm Sunday evening.

I had the most bizarre dreams last night, I woke up early just to stop the mayhem in my mind.....snarf.