Monday, July 07, 2003

Ann Coulter & Hillary Clinton mud wrestling........hmmm.

After being questioned twice today as to why we didn't have Ann Coulter's new book or say why it wasn't our #2 bestseller and Hillary Clinton's was, I wanted to pummel the shit out of all middle-aged men that have been sucked into the pseudo-sexual-intellect-abyss that is Ann Coulter. This is a woman with balls no doubt about it. I respect a woman with chutzpah and the insanity she embraces. What I don't respect is that fact that Ms. Coulter spews ridiculous rederick stating that if you are liberal you are treasonous......golly, I feel like I've been punk'd, makes me itch, makes me wanna see mud wrestling.....LOL.......Hi, I'm treasonous....nice to meet yah. She condemns Mrs. Clinton for using ghost writers, well, it's a god damn good thing.....she comes off far more intelligent and wise, whereas Ms. Succubus spits out high-velocity bullshit making her look fucking psycho-McCarthy humpin'-freakish......fascinating. I will concede that, I'm impressed by her ability to instigate debate, honorable to a degree, but then she comes off as a fool, a fool to be remembered? It's like Rush Limbaugh and Mike Savage had a freakin love child < blushes >..anyhoo, our bestsellers don't change until tomorrow morning. I have no clue which blonde will have the #2 spot tomorrow, what I do know is that the um...Pseudo-blonde in the #1 spot doesn't give a rats ass about whether Coulter or Clinton is 2nd, because she will be #1 for some time. God bless Harry Potter, god save J.K. Rowling, good luck Hil and twatawannahumpmccarthy. Thank you & good night.