Thursday, March 25, 2004

Georgia Peaches Inviolable!

And because you already have the right to vote, we, The Georgia House of Representatives, deny all women the right to have your coochie adorned by anything other than a nice cotton crotched granny panty or thong of a respectable color and fabric.

Mmmmmmmkay.............., someone should smack the living shit out of the people who wrote this bill. Methinks 1.) One of the Senators has a daughter who wants her coochie all pimped out (how wrong does that sound). 2.) A Senator has a nasty intern. 3.) A Senator has an infected Labia. :|

Whichever the situation, this frivolous and sexist bill will either die quietly (as it should), or it will become saturated in the media soon. I so don't want to see this issue uttered from Tom Brokaw's lips. Again, methinks, 1.) The daughter should be allowed her right to make her grrrl unit pretty in a materialistic way. 2.) Shame on the crusty Senator for assigning extra credit to the intern without panty lines. 3.) Seek medical attention for all infections and always lather, rinse and repeat as necessary.