Sunday, March 28, 2004

Happy Birthday Aimee Olivia!

She's the little angel on the right, she suffers no fools, she likes squishy things, I drive her crazy when I call her booger baby girl, she likes to torment her sister with the horrors of Captain Underpants and she loves to save lost earthworms. She is niece number three and she's Five today! errrr, well she was five on Friday, the party's today, she'll never forgive me for this, lord have mercy on my soul...*gulp*.

Me: [singing] "happy birthday too you..." Aimee: "stop"
Me: "happy birthday too you."
Aimee: "stop it"
Me: "Happy Birthday, dear Aim-meeee"
Aimee: "stop"
Me: "Happy Birthday to you"
Aimee: "ogleboogleshoopbloogy"
Me: "bweepGweepboopdweeb"
Aimee: "Yeah."