Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Presidential Spam, I didn't do it

Dear Theresa Z*********, You and I have made history together before. It's time to make some more.

Wow, I don't remember it at all, but then the 90's are kinda blurry. I received this email today and the fact that Bill even remembers my name is a tribute to rogues everywhere. I do know that Senator Clinton might be a wee bit jealous that you've contacted me again after all these years, but Bill, I've moved on and trying to hook me up with Senator Kerry and yourself for a little threesome action is flattering, but too much time has past and I care not to relive the decadence of years past, don't worry, I'll still vote for your man, but I can't risk opening my heart and um....various orifices again. Take Care you silly assfuck. *smooches*

The Cupie xoxox