Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Columbine, Prince and the Shedding of my Uterine lining

Sad: Two angry Jeremy's shot up their classmates 5 years ago in Columbine, and in trying to comprehend the 'why's' of their actions the media dredges the horrors of that day all over again. I was watching the Today Show's coverage this morning and I was impressed with the kids and how they've managed to get on with their lives. Katie Couric on the other hand looked as though she would crumble at any moment during the interviews, I was half expecting the young people she was interviewing to start consoling her. This tragedy, like 9/11 and the other atrocities we've suffered over the years at the hand of mentally deranged, are for the most part out of our control, but these incidents are what make us what we are, survivors. Let us not focus on being victims, but rather, let us celebrate our ability to overcome life's wicked adversities and learn from them so we can again, survive to see another sunrise.

Glad: Prince is all over the place right now, he reminds us that he never left, true. He's in the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and rightly so. He is still pissed at the record labels, is disgusted with the over produced, man-made pop phenom's that rise to success in a flash with little or no talent, (money makes za whirled go awound). And I'm quite certain he'd like to take those high heels of his and embed them into the foreheads of the mindless, money grubbing MBA's that run the music industry (who wouldn't?). Prince, whether you dig his tiny ass or not, is making attempts to change the way you get his music, you can download his new CD Musicology at the New Power Generation website for a small fee and he's distributing the CD at his live shows. I LOVE Prince, hated the whole 'slave' face phase, but ultimately he's just a brilliant musician who's passion has risen to the level of genius more times than not. Welcome Back, or um...nice to see ya' again.

TMI: Alice Cooper once sang "Only women bleed", I've just read the lyrics only knowing the chorus, I wasn't aware the song was about abuse. I was a kid when the song was a hit and thought it was a tribute to mensing women everywhere. Oh well, so be it. In my mind the song reflects that special time of the month that my uterus sheds its lining and I can't be held responsible for the amount of chocolate I need to intake to counter balance the hormonal rage the resides within. So with that I'm off to eat mountains of chocolate and obsessively do my weird little Cupie things, lol. mmmmmkay. Have a SUPERfantastical day!