Friday, April 02, 2004

I Am Seattle! Just look at the size of my ass! (_|_)

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Your dark exterior masks a caffeine driven activism. You'll take up a cause and you'll get ugly to advance it.

I scored well for Washingtion D.C. as well, but with webbed feet and the need to express my um....spew....I will and forever be Seattle's bitch, yeah yeah in live in a city outside of Seattle , but hey whats a 15, 20, okay, okay, what's a 25 minute Metro ride to the city I adore. Oh yeah and theres that little 'decaf' only issue, but trust me, I drink the java like its water. God Bless Seattle and hey, if Mother Nature would be so kind as to not shake, rattle and roll us of the planet, you can count on a Grunge Revival Soon.