Thursday, April 22, 2004

In Closing....

Jennifer Hudson, idol reject? Silly foos with your damn redial shit.....the little boy with red hair should have gone, nice guy, yes...charisma, no.

I spent the morning with my sis-in-law, gorgeous niece, and uber cool nephew....we ate an early lunch and proceeded to Trader Joe's for exotic forms of food, beer, organic banana's, tomatoes and rose scented herbal soap. A good time was had by all. My afternoon was spent defying my aging with a dye job and taking pictures of the crap cool stuff I'm going to sell on ebay.

My mother spent some time on my site today and stated that I'm brilliant (I'd have to agree ;) )and that she wished that her flourishing of the English language when I was a child hadn't influenced my potty mouth of today. Do note though that if I were to cuss in her presence now, it would be much like giggling in church with my sister as a teen....she'd pinch my ear till the giggling or cursing stopped. My mother was right when she stated my high school sweet heart was gay (I guess it was when he borrowed her heels for his Frankenfurter Halloween costume, who can, I thought he looked hot!), she was right when she said that when my hair is blonde looked trashy. She's right about most things and for that I thank her.

My father spent time on the site today, all I have to say to him right now is, if you let the past go, you can live happily in the present. If you chose to hold on to the past, seek help. I did have a scathing email I was gonna send, but fuck it. We all make our own choices in the world and live with the very consequences of our actions. Good or bad, life continues and I for one choose to live in the present and learn from my actions, what I won't do is tolerate hate or negativity. This blog is my shout out to the world, get it, the fucking WORLD and I choose to represent optimism, love, chocolate, beer, humor, satire and all that I find interesting. If you chose to disagree with my statements you are more then welcome to open up a dialogue, if you choose to post bitter resentments or hate, that shit will be gone. I will not have drama here, I don't have time for it, life is too fucking short dude, you'd think by now you'd understand that. /spew.

In closing, I wish you all a very warm and wonderful Thursday evening. I'm off to sweat on the bike from hell and work my jiggly (not Gigli, though the results are about the same) abs. CUPIE OWWWWWoot!