Saturday, May 22, 2004

Biblioteca pubblica De Seattle

Its here, its queer and it has a grand opening tomorrow. The new Library in Seattle is art in itself. We like it strange here in the Pacific Northwest and the new library designed by Rem Koolhaas is ready for its reveal, "Koolhaas' library has high-tech brains and a retro-futurist heart. It is not part of the dare-to-be-dull business core. Instead, it hangs its hat with other Seattle audacities, from the Space Needle and the Flash Gordon monorail to Frank Gehry's Experience Music Project and the Fremont Troll sulking under the Aurora bridge".

We are just too hip for words up north and the my next visit downtown will be specifically to view the colorful and unique building full of books. A few months ago I was given a tour of a local book distributor Partners/West, on entering the stock room I got girly boobie boners, I was completely in heaven and tried to touch as many books as possible, so, you can imagine the orgasmic pleasure of a new library for me, I hope I survive.

I don't visit libraries much, If I touch the book and like the book, the book must be mine, so I'm all about book stores, but the new Library is a work of architectural genius and must be visited. Seattle is proud and smart city, even the transients that make the library their daily home will have what I do not, a broadband internet connection, now that's hip.