Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Fascinating Globes Of Wonder

Why is it that Janet Jackson's boob's insight congressional hearings and John Kerry's daughter's boobage make me think of the famous Sesame Street song..."One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong", but they also make me think about the impending election. When the fuck did breasts become political? Was it when we started burning our bra's? Personally, I have non-partisan breasts, well actually one breast is right and one is left. I have a elephant and an ass on my chest and damn if I don't feel sexy. It's kinda like the much rumored Kerry/McCain ticket that won't happen because they'd just keep canceling each other out. Wait, my boobs cancel each other out? Hrmmm, okay, enough with the existential bullshit already, there is no boob. YOU are the BOOB. Alrighty, I'm the boob, not Janet, not Kerry's daughters (another song comes to mind, can't stop....."do your boobs hang low, do they swing to and fro"...whew, I hate when that happens) Colin Powell's aide Emily is the Boob of the week and she didn't have to flash them balls o' wonder...anyhoo, what I'm saying is that breasts have amazing politcal power and that makes me proud to be female and American. [linkage Via The Old Hag, not her boobs, just her blog]

And there you have it, I've wasted my only free morning this week, I'm off to the blissful hell of pimping books. Have a Boobilicious Day!