Friday, May 14, 2004

Five for a Friday

1.) Signs: Coincidences, capitalism and death. Nick Berg's family blames the Bush administration, yet, Bush didn't send him there, he went to make enormous amounts of war money contractors get when they rebuild countries. The fickle hand of fate tried to forewarn him: It happened in 1999, when Berg was at the University of Oklahoma and Moussaoui was enrolled at a nearby flight school, allegedly training to be an Al Qaeda hijacker.

After Moussaoui came under scrutiny in the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, the FBI discovered he had Berg's university E-mail password
If that would have happend to me, I would have stayed miles away from that hell they call Iraq. But then being in telecommunications and having an opportunity to make big bucks in the rebuilding of Iraq was too much to resist for Nick Berg. Following fate? Did he not have a gut feeling something would go wrong? Did our own Government have a hand in his death? Whatever the case, well wishes to his family, but I hope they understand that despite the odds it was Nick who chose to go there, even when he was given a sign years prior. Trust your gut people!

2.) "This is was what we become when nothings real": Brutal and brilliant animations always make my day. [Via: tmftml]

3.) Linens & Things: I bought new sheets at the Bon-Macy's yesterday, they are gray, they are jersy knit and they are fabulous! I slept like a baby, basically I woke in a puddle of drool.

4.) Goodnight Seattle: Frasier ended its 11 year run last night and although I don't feel the show put Seattle on the map as much as the producers were following a demographic trend, it certainly made Seattlites proud to have a smart and funny sitcom representing our smart and funny city. Goodnight Frasier, we'll see you in another year or two whe NBC tires of that reality based bullshit.

5.) Bill Clinton is back: Hillary is the front and John Kerry wishes he could complete the democratic sandwich.