Friday, May 07, 2004

Friday Five is Dead, Long Live Fives For Fridays!

1.) Why did you enjoy Friday Five? After a long work week it was nice to have something mindless to spew about.

2.) Can you survive without Friday Five? Of course, I spew therefore I am, but it will make Friday's far less interesting in the Blogosphere.

3.) What were your favorite Friday Five's? All the ones about me, me, me.... *stares in mirror*

4.) What will you do in lieu of no more Friday Five's? Doesn't it bother this 'Lieu' person when all these people are in her? Fridays from here on out will have Five's for Friday....Five things that are on my mind and need to spew about.

5.) What do you have to say to the creators of Friday Five? Thanks for the memories and universally aligning bloggers thoughts and although I read very few posts from other bloggers It was fun to participate while it lasted. Rest in peace.