Thursday, May 13, 2004

Keeping Your Head Above Water, Making A Wave When You Can...

Lotoya got the boot last night because Americans and their fickle fingering of their phones buttons opted for the out of sync, out of tune and the Queen of pitchy Jasmine. God Damn retards. Honestly I never saw Latoya as the idol but I do see her making a career in music, I probably won't buy the music but she's good. Jasmine got the sympathy vote because Simon made the little girl cry. There is a reason Simon is so successful people, think about it. Diana Degarmo was a little powerhouse this week and I know how we Americans like to embrace young muscial dynamo's until their showing their ass crack off on the cover of the Enquirer and wearing a Kabbalah bracelet, but enough is enough already, one Britney over the edge is all I can handle. Fantasia is the Idol, but then again this is a country that created fucking Velveeta cheese, real cheese wasn't good enough so lets add a shitload of chemicals and give it a shelf life of 30 years and call it a dairy product.

West Wing was on the same time as Idol so I predominately watched that. I knew there had to be a reason for bringing back John Amos' retired Admiral Fitzwallace character, he had to die for ratings and to make sure the ratings were high he died when his car was bombed while in Gaza. I don't understand the whole Palestine/Israel bullshit, and yes its bullshit power mongering, but the West Wing producers tried to show a confused America what its all about over there and sadly its all about religion and real estate and it may never have resolution, stubborn fools I say, ratings for West Wing NBC says. I watched as the gorgeous John Amos was again killed off another top rated television show (Heart attack on Good Times)sigh. Next week is the season ending cliff hanger with assistant Donna Moss' life in the balance...she is NO Fitzwallace but her banter with Josh Lyman is annoying and amusing, lets hope she sticks around for next season.