Saturday, May 01, 2004

Man Oh Man! Woman!

Wake up Neo, your maker is shape shifting and damn if we all thought Michael Jackson was the twisted bitch.

Larry to be muy Linda?

Better stop calling them the Wachowski brothers. We hear "Matrix" co-creator Larry Wachowski is ready for the sex-change operation that will finalize his conversion to a woman named Linda.

Last May, he wore women's earrings at "The Matrix Reloaded" premiere. At the time, the estranged husband of an alleged Los Angeles dominatrix told newspapers that Wachowski was a client of his wife. The source said he had seen Larry "in her bondage room...lying there in a dress, no panties and a blond wig."

Several "longtime friends" say Larry - who is in the middle of a divorce with his wife, Thea Bloom - is now ready for the operation, reports the Chicago Sun Times.

The agent for Larry and his brother and collaborator, Andy Wachowski, did not return calls yesterday.

Sometimes you just have to be yourself, some may not like it, some may want to date it, above all else ya gotta be yourself if you want to be happy. Let's just hope he'll be happy in his new skin, or rather, HER new skin. Does money buy happiness? Yes, and a freshly refurbished Vagina. Good luck dudette.