Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Daily Blatherings, Decaf, No Whip

Jesus General has written a letter to Dr. Wunderkind, of Spit-Will-Kill-You-fame, Frist (you can call him the Senate Majority leader, but you doesn't have to call him Johnson.) and additionally suggests that White House Press Room Man-whore dujour JeffGannon aka (insert name here) be the poster boy for abstinence. In related news: My Labia has just fallen off, not that you could here it through the sound of a million nut sacks deflating.

Bill Nye the Science Guy returns to television with The Eyes Of Nye. Not only will things get blown up, but it will be a show where he tackles some more serious issues like "addiction, sex, cloning, and climate change.", neato, the Anti-Frist, Pro-Bono (heh) rock star of Science returns!

"Chewing gum can 'enhance breasts'" , I've been chewing it for three days and I grew a penis, which has proven to be useful as my Labia is obsolete, now I'm off to fiddle with my diddle. Have a terrific Hump day.