Thursday, April 21, 2005

Pie Is Tastier Than Rape Any Day Of The Week!

Honestly, I just made some tea and thought I'd do a wee bit o' blog hoppin' whilst waiting for the Apprentice contestants finish each other off, when I linked my way to Jeff Gannon's blog, he just doesn't get that he's a complete idiot and it would behoove me to ignore him as I ignore the other "extreme" bloggers/pundits, but then I came across this lil' ditty [scroll down to April 15th Peace Lovin' Liberal Thugs, the fact this man can't figure out permalinks shouldn't be a shock to anyone.]
"Is it any wonder why I was concerned about the security arrangements at the National Press Club? STORY In the green room that morning, one of the panelists suggested that if an attack occurred I should "take it well." Thanks Wonkette, but we don't even tell rape victims to do that anymore.

Misguided attackers be advised: I know how to defend myself and I guarantee you'll regret finding out how good at it I am."

Okay, Pie is tasty, even when it unexpectedly hits your face at speeds unknown, you have to admit the first reaction is usually a tongue protruding from the mouth to lick off the whipped cream; Pie in face, funny AND yummy. Rape, on the other hand, is far from funny, never has and never will be and yeah, it's a goddamned shameful thing that in the past women have been advised to "suck it up", "don't rock the boat", and to "take it well". That was then and this is now and there will be no silencing a rape victim for any reason and I find your comparison to be fucking LAME. Pie in the face is nothing close to horrors of rape and just the fact you feel the need to defend yourself against the pie men is hysterical, tell me, what exactly would you do to someone who threw a fricken pie at you??? Beat them? And as for the article you linked to, christ almighty, Liberals are full of hate? LOL, I hate that shit. Actually, what I really hate is ignorance and yours is showing sir, zip it.

So, if by chance you get pied (and btw, I don't condone what the pie guys do), but, if it were to happen and it most likely will, I hope you do take it well, lick off some of that whipped cream, suck it up and remember that a pie face may be embarrassing, but it will never compare to the humiliation of being attacked, beaten and raped forcefully by a stranger or worse, someone you know. I'd take pie (preferably chocolate, but coconut or banana cream would suffice) at any speed, any day.