Tuesday, May 17, 2005

So here's to you Mrs. Robinson

Young Man: Hi, I'm Mike.
Me: Hi Mike, what can I help you find?
Young Man: You married?
Me: Ermmm, no.
Young Man: Any kids?
Me: Uh, no...Where you looking for a particular title?
Young Man: Your cute, gotta boyfriend?
Me: That would be a negative, what can I help you with today?
Young Man: Do you believe in Taboo relationships?
Me: [stunned & confused] What do you mean?
Young Man: Y'know, Older woman, younger man, Older men, young woman, Mother-Son, Father/daughter.
Me: Uh wow dude, that's just a little too twisted for me...um...what the point here?
Young Man: Do you think we could go out sometime?
Me: Good lord, how old are you?
Young Man: 16
Me: [standing in puddle of my own piss] Hon, I'm 41, I just don't that would be kosher or legal for that matter.
Young Man: You're 41?? My mothers only 39.
Me: Great, now what can I help you find?
Young Man: A date.
Me: Yeah, well, this is a book store.
Young Man: Have you ever read the Kama Sutra?
Me: Is that a book in the bible?
Young Man: Your funny and cute are you sure you wouldn't date me?
I walked away from the little freak a tinge flattered and slightly disturbed. My 61 year old co-worker walks up to the young man and asks him if he needs any assitance, "Do you have any kids?", she growls at him and he leaves, lol. Curse you Mary K. Letourno (fist to air), curse you.