Friday, May 27, 2005

Week In Review Via The Spew--um....doodly doo?

It's been a good week. The second best bookstore in town (mine) was audited and received a 93, I rock and while I'm tooting my own horn in public for your pleasure, I recently won our company's most prestigious leadership award to be presented at a conference later this year, again, I rock, of course the store is closing, but hey, I'm a valuable asset with a pending severance package, who's hot? *strikes a soon to be unemployed pose* Woo!

Speaking of hot, its already 70 degrees here in the greater Seattle area, toasty and rare for the Memorial Day weekend. So as we webbed feet wonders sweat to death the Seattlest has some great suggestions for the weekend, although no mention of the patchuloui scented Northwest Folk Life Festival, its free for all foot tappers, anyone without a sense of rhythm must pay with firstborn child.
The ACLU should be all over this, for the love of gawd, its just a bear, bitch. Now bend over.

USA Today gets all Wonky: What Bush is saying when he's talking
Leave them laughing

Aiming to disarm reporters, he tries teasing humor:

- Surprising a reporter by calling on him: "If you don't raise your hand, does that mean you don't have a question?"

- After he referred to a reporter's daughter when, in fact, the child is a boy: "Excuse me. I should have done the background check."

- Teasing a TV reporter: "He's a sensitive guy. Well-centered, though."

- Bidding farewell to reporters as he prepares to go to his Texas ranch for a holiday: "I look forward to not seeing you down there."

[via Shakespeares Sister]

Autoblogging, it blogs so you don't have to, nice.
15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense, now stfu already, thanks.

I could link 'til I puke, but, I'm done for the day, your welcome. Def Leppard is singing an oldie but goodie Badfinger song to close out the Today Show, I instantly put my hands in the air and started banging my head and dancing around....
"knock down the old gray wall
be a part of it all
nothing to say; nothing to see; nothing to do
Life is good. Oh, Joe Elliot, *sigh* twenty years on and you still make me go to my happy place, and know this, I'd still lick ya! Meow........have a wonderful weekend people!