Thursday, June 02, 2005

Book Spew

Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries, why Jessica Culter's new autobiographical "novel" The Washingtonienne isn't on the list is beyond me. I'm almost done reading the advance I received this week and mostly we are just appalled that Ms. Cutler is even alive to tell the tale of her blogging (read: assromp via D.C.) experience. This book could only be a summer read, its trashy, gross and soul sucking, a page-turner by all means, but then, any book where a character becomes a human "Pez dispenser" via M & M's in the bunghole is worth a read if your up for losing brain cells in high volume. *drool* Wait for the paperback.

Buzz Marketing with blogs is a savvy method of getting the word out and recently a savvy self promoting author emailed me stating she enjoyed my blog and would I be so kind as to mention her book? Sometimes I'm as easy as Jessica Cutler's lubed ass, we haven't read Jackpot by Tsipi Keller but, we might, she gets good quote:
Jackpot is the haunting tale of a woman, so insecure, so totally devoid of any sense of self-worth, that she is nakedly vulnerable to every slight, real or imagined. Having no inner resources and unable to connect in a meaningful way with any of the people around her, Maggie, feeling abandoned, embarks on a path of self-destruction.

This is a frightening and cautionary description of a young woman's descent
into near madness as she becomes ever more detached from reality. The reader watchesÂ?yes, watches is the correct word, so compelling is the imagery - in horrified fascination as Maggie spirals downward. Her inner monologue reveals not only her utter vulnerability, but her pathetic and futile attemps to fill the empty vessel that is herself, to find in herself some redeeming worth. In the end, she can no longer keep up the pretense. She knows who and what she is and finally, facing that realization, she summons up the strength to take control of her fate at last.
- Elaine Slater

How we do love woman on the verge novels. Good luck with the book Ms. Keller, you've piqued my interest.