Monday, June 06, 2005

Hotel Hell Rwanda

If you ever find yourself in a hormonal funk and need to snap the hell out of it, watch Hotel Rwanda. Heck if you have a pimple on your ass named Cleevus, watch Hotel Rwanda. Sure, it kind of makes you feel like shit, but only for a short while,. Mostly I would hope that after watching the movie a curious mind would take 10 minutes out of their life to learn more about the Hutu's and Tutsi's and why they didn't feel they could cohabitate peacefully. Territorial pissing, class warfare and straight up ignorance was the fuel for the fire that is Rwanda. The inability of the U.S. and Europe, let alone the U.N., to interfere with the Rwanda genocide is a shameful pock mark on our collective asses. The movie is fairly fast paced and Don Cheadle is awesome. Watch it and try to understand why it is that the human race seems to keep sticking their fingers in the flame and continues to complain of the pain afterwards, hormonal funk be damned.