Thursday, June 02, 2005

Names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent

I finished The Washingtonienne this evening and I actually liked it for the trash that it is, a gossipy, raunchy study in narcissism. Jessica is now Jackie and Wonkette is now Blogette and plays a minor, albeit pivotal role, in the fictitious version of Ms. Culters conquests ala "The Hill". I didn't dig on her shallowness and superficial needs, if I met this woman, I'd have to smack some fucking sense into her immediately, but then again, her assromps did make her a small fortune, Playboy spread and a book deal while my chocolate and beer soaked babble gives me a thick waistline, numb ass and small fan base, wooooooohoooooo! But I digress, Jessica, er -- Jacqueline does eventually see the err of her ways and seeks therapy. One could hope that she learned her lesson, because if she plans on sequel it could destroy her girlie unit and mind forever. You can buy Ms. Cutler's book here or read the real story here or go to the blog that started it all here (brought back to assist in the sale of the book I presume). I've been muddling through a lot of non-fiction lately so it was nice to spend a few hours reading swarmy filth, Thanks Jessica!