Monday, June 20, 2005

A Quick One While She's Away

I don't have time to fill your minds with mindless linkage today, so busy -- must squeeze in as many hours as to reduce my hourly wage like a good salaried squid -- sorry about that, channeling Dilbert on a Monday morning is just sad. But really, I've got little for you today other than some quick links that will make you soooooo fascinating at cocktail parties, you'll be invited to EVERY cocktail party on the planet. If you're thinking you may grow a cock and a tail by knowing these facts, you'd be wrong and slightly twisted.
It was not such an unusual thing to do. Einstein's ophthalmologist had removed the scientist's eyeballs and put them in a safe-deposit box. Earlier acquisitive anatomists had preserved Galileo's finger, Haydn's head and Napoleon's penis.

Nifty! And finally, make your own damn wipes;
Homemade Baby Wipes for homemade baby's.