Thursday, June 16, 2005

Spew Askew

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and Olympus Cameras understands this, yes the dog looks a little creepy, but I'd adopt one, I think its cute, creepy but cute, now watch the video. Still creepy, still cute to me and in reality with a head that big I'd have to duct tape a 10lb weight to the ass of this dog to keep his body on the ground, but I'm sure the novelty of owning such a freak of nature would out weight any inconvenience. Olympus is selling a camera, but I choose to believe that they're selling the beauty of imperfections. [adrants]

The Sky Is Falling!
Speaking of adorable big headed things not on my requirements list. Disney's Chicken Little will be released November 4th
To promote the upcoming Disney movie, Chicken Little, Boston-based marketing firm, ALT TERRAIN, enlisted 30 artists/influencers to transform unpainted vinyl Chicken Little characters into anything the artists chose for a bi-coastal gallery show and online auction. The first show was held May 19 at Meltdown in Los Angeles. The second show will be held June 16 at 360 Toy Group in New York..
[more pictures here]