Saturday, July 02, 2005

Selling Starvation Live 8 Style

Today is devoted to MTV and Live 8. Logistically, how are they gonna get all those performances on the screen, well, they're gonna slice the shit out of the performances, I mean the fuckers cut off Madonna after two songs, chumps. But alas, that is not the point of Live 8 (kinda), the point is to bring attention to the fact that "Every single day, 30,000 children die, needlessly, of extreme poverty." In an ironic twist, my groceries were delivered today and I have no more room for salad dressing, in an attempt to recover my pre-inutero body from a former life, I've been eating an enormous amount of salads and shitting up a storm to boot. I need to take a few minutes to clean out the fridge and deal with the guilt that all the food that has gone to waste could have fed a small percentage of the starving children. We are a gluttonous society, burp. Live 8 is a great idea to bring focus to the upcoming summit, but if they don't stop chopping the shit out the performances for fucking ads that appeal to our gluttonous-sell me shit I may or may not need but, goddamnit,I want one-needs , I might be lucky enough to see more performances in between ads, and throwing out the new strain of penicillin growing in my fridge.....Dave Matthews now, nice.....and he's gone, not even a full song, motherfuck!