Tuesday, July 05, 2005

That's Mr. Asshole (tm) to you, thanks.

Trademarking a word? You bet your bippy and if bippy has a damn trademark, then it's over for me, I'll have to sell my bippy, become bippy-less and then what?
Can a man own a word? And can he sue to keep other people from using it?

Over the last few years, Leo Stoller has written dozens of letters to companies and organizations and individuals stating that he owns the trademark to "stealth." He has threatened to sue people who have used the word without his permission.

He sues people with a stealth-like agility (of course) that use the word stealth(tm) in their products or businesses, and that takes some serious chutzpah(tm), yes, the greedy lil' fucker trademarked chutzpah, so I guess Chutzpah Kosher Prophylactics are out of the question, that is unless you want to pay up, oy.
"The fact that somebody, just by claiming to own a word, can intimidate large companies and powerful law firms shows the damage, to an extent, is already done," he said. "If people like Stoller are allowed to get away with this unchallenged, there could be ripple effects to every form of public mass media."

"I will police and protect the stealth mark against all," says the greedy word monger Stoller. I say - have at it, but then again I've just trademarked the term cease-and-desist (jk, I'm to lazy and really, I could give a shit that is if I had a bippy to shit from.)