Monday, August 15, 2005

Because it's Mundane Monday and I love me some sycophant soup.

1. What was the first blog you ever saw/found? I was busily loading the shit out of my geocities webpage, when 3 years ago, I read a Newsweek article on blogging, my world changed. I thought to myself, "whoa, wait, Rose has a blog thingy Infinitely Pie! Go N' Grow Cupie!" and went to it, examined it and decided I wanted the same type of layout, something I could easily add content to and went with "the" Blogger (although I hate the new image upload shit, 'twas better back in the Pro Blogger days, I'll pay, I'll pay,....omfg, fix it.) mmkay....

2. How did you find it? Um, her MSN profile and that would be none of your business, thank you very munch.

3. What were the next few blogs you saw/found? One of the featured blogs on Bloggers "hot blogs list" was Biz Stone's (self proclaimed genius and I'm counting on the genius to enable Blogger to upload images in actual size again, we don't need no stinkin' CSS, YO -- You Can doooooo eeet!!) and when I found out he had a book all aboot the in's and out's of blogging I promptly bought it and learned more than I could imagine. On Biz's blogroll, at the time (lo, those many years ago), he had a link to Being Jennifer Garrett; Jen is a writer, constantly self assessing herself and loves sports, she's funny as fuck, as funny as fuck can be (think about it, contorted face and Kleenex (tm) abounds) I've had her on my blogroll ever since and to be perfectly honest I've modeled my writings after her's somewhat, that in being, I try to be as honest as I can when I write AND I try very hard to be grammatically correct when doing so, as not to disappoint. Also, I must mention Evan Williams, one of Blogger's creators, I've linked to Evhead from the beginning, he's a bit of a tech head and that shit bores me to no end, but I've learned a lot from all three of them. Btw, Blogger hired Biz; Blogger is now owned by Google (I have the sweatshirt to prove it), Ev left Blogger and Google and is now all ODEO, (podcast till ya puke) and Jen periodically contributes articles to Blogger, with that, I guess thanks are in order, so, thanks a million guys and grrrrrl. ;)

4. How many blogs do you read per day? I read these blogs daily; Jen Garrett's (mediocrity at it's best), Bookslut (Jessa and her sidekick Michael, make the literary world seem almost real), Wonkette (snarky political redhead, anal-love-thrusts-not-required), and TMFTML (drunkenliterarybastage) it's a habit, I love them! Regular reads would be Ratboy's Anvil, American Regression, Shakespeare Sister (great minds think alike, at times ;). ), By Beauty Damned, Atrios, The Cosair, Margaret Cho (*cheers, luv*), Vh1's Best Week Ever, Pie, Stereogum, Side Salad, Sister's Talk, Irate Weirdos, and Old Hag.

5. Have you met a blogger in real life? Who? (You don't have to list them all if youÃ?‚’re a blog whore.) Pie & Rob, married and friends prior to the bloggy whirrled.

6. Which very far-away bloggers do you think you would like to meet if you lived in the same city?
Jen G., of course, beer, baseball and a Ben Affleck kidnap attempt, sounds like fun, if not illegal, yum. Ana Marie Cox, The Antic Muse, The Wonkette, I'll buy the first 3 rounds, (Seattle bound? I'll be there, plus, I'll pimp the book like Sugarbear on crack). Melissa from Shakespear's Sister, someone to rage with; I'd be into meeting Jeff and his Salad family, okay, I just want to pet the puppy (jk, kinda.) ;) I'd love to meet cul because somehow, someway, although I don't know him from Dick and there's a hardly a dick I don't know, we connect. Maria in New York, because I already feel like I know her. Gary, Margaret, etc.... Honestly, I'd meet them all, I wouldn't link them otherwise.
7. Who is the most introspective blogger? Cul (read this link, I demand it!) and Maria.

8. Who cracks you up? Jen, Jeff, Ana Marie, Dave Barry.

9. Who is hot? (Or who do you think sounds hot if there is no picture?) Maria, just check out her picture, sweet MarryMudderOFGawd! Neil Pollack, I've had a long and serious blog crush on this man, I met him last year (dragging the gorgeous Oly Girl with as to add an exempt attraction of sorts, "look at my cute niece and love ME, beeyotch!") and babbled like a blabbering sycophant-crack-whore and then I just read his damn book, finally. (Btw, your fucking brilliant, as if you didn't know it.) Ana Marie (who wouldn't wanna party with Jenna? Karen Hughes is all over it, with a double "d" agitator and prayer book for insurance.).

10. Which blog is the latest on your link list? Or who did you just discover? Large Vibrating Egg, Jimmy, the erstwhile filler-inner for the Old Hag, he just rocks and rolls the literary links without being a condescending douchebag, this is a good thing.

11. Who needs to update more often? Neil, Gary, Maria and Margaret.

12. Do you have a favorite entry of your own? Many, because I like me! Right now, at least. ;)

13. What's your favorite song on the radio right now? (OK, that's not about blogging, but this is my meme.) What this has to do with blogs, I cannot say, but I will say I love The Killers Mr. Brightside, I saw them with my little Oly Girl and her totally cool brother and my nephew Sean and it was magic, despite the drama, and that's what Rock n' Roll is all about, magic. Peace to you all, click the links, you won't be disappointed and if you are, a moneyback guarantee is something we all dream of.

Update: Dizzy Girl is a daily read as well, sure, Gennie's a conservative, but its not the party affiliation, it's the person and any southern belle willing to rip of the "evil Wal Mart" for better peaches is an upstanding human in my book. Also, Caysie at All I'm saying, love HER!