Tuesday, August 23, 2005

DARE to keep your kids off of Ron Jeremy

Remember kids, Spay and neuter your animals, for the love of GOD!

PETA has recruited Ron Jeremy for its latest campaign, which, surprisingly, has nothing to do with that animal-fucking farm in Washington state.
It's actually promoting "spay and neuter" week, but we wonder if the campaign might actually be a stealth entry in their series of vegetarianism ads. One look at it and we did lose our taste for meat.-Wonkette

Not only will we spay and neuter our animals, but we're packing our back and going hunting for Ron Jeremy and then we're gonna spay and neuter him, with a hose, ewwwww....ew. Big dick or not, he's just..ew, "ock"...focus on the pretty blonde boys...*focus*..."ock". This will not ruin our day, this will not ruin our day......*shudder-convulsion-shudder*....