Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I forget, does red wine go with foreskin or labia?

Female circumcision surfaces in Iraq
"According to the Shafii school, which we Kurds belong to, circumcision is obligatory for both men and women. The Hanbali say it is obligatory only for men."

Listen people and cultures of the world; I'm all for tolerating and understanding the distinct differences of our beliefs in religion and politics, but, dare I say that I don't understand this mutilation of sexual organs you people are into. Sorry, you cut it, you damage the goods. That's not to say I don't appreciate a perfectly coifed and turtle-neck free penis, I mean, who doesn't? Pretty peckers aside, the above article refers to female mutilation, girlie circumcision, marking the glory hole, trimming the fat from the meat curtain, ok, I'll stop now. Slicing up the naughty bits won't make you pure, whatever your belief, honestly, I have nothing to gain from lying about this. Cutting the winky is just cruel, slashing the love button beyond recognition is down right torture; so do mankind a favor and stop with the slice O' matic on the private parts, it's full on freakin' ignorant and such a waste of flesh. Sure, Hannibal Lector might be down with that, but he's a fictional psychotic, the people practicing this are insane and no offense, but jew too, the human body is not, I repeat, is NOT a fucking delicatessen! And keep this in mind as well; Masturbating will not blind you, but if you do it right, you just might see God. Amen.