Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Natural Cures (not that there's anything wrong with that!)

It would be nice to think that there is a natural cure-all for what is ailing us, something to halt the aging process a bit. So, when Kevin Trudeau started pimping his be all, end all of Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About, people started requesting the title in bookstores across the country, however, most book stores didn't carry it and was only available via Trudeau's website and infomercial. Now that it's in stores, due to popular demand, I took a few minutes to go through it and what I found was no different than any other holistic healing primer or the freaking Vitamin Bible, with a couple of exceptions that Mr. Trudeau wasn't "allowed" to print in his book, because of the big bad Federal Drug Administration, to find out what these particular herbs are, you have to sign up on his website for the information. So now your out $29.95 and have to sign up for an "newsletter" which, if I'm correct, you still pay for (at least that was the deal a few months ago when I first looked into it.) Okay, that's dandy and all but as always, there's more.

In the book there are immediate things you can do to rid yourself of Acid Reflux, Love blisters (Herpes) and Depression, of which one recommendation for Depression is an array of vitamins, another -- walk in the sun and finally kick back and read yourself some of Sci-Fi author L. Ron Hubbard's DIANETICS. Tom Cruise would be proud. Scientology is a fascinating topic as of late and Dr. Trudeau wants you to play that game, that is if your to be freed from the constraints of those bastard pharmaceutical companies and the FDA. Trust me, I am no fan of Dianetics (the white man is considered the alpha race, nice, smell my finger, how's that for alpha).

One of the links in the back of the book leads you to the website for What The Bleep Do We Know which is actually a really good movie; a grown up Alice In Wonderland if you will. I was seduced by the language in this movie, that is until Ramtha (channeled by JZ Knight) starts with his philosophies, I don't disagree with those with Ramtha's thought on life, God and healing; what I disagree with is JZ knight thinking she is actually channeling an ancient dude at will -- to make money. Ms. Knight has a brilliant mind and should sell her beliefs without the aid of some old crusty warrior. I guess channeling a male philosopher makes crashing through the glass ceiling easier.

My point in all this is that Trudeau is doing what big pharm is doing, selling cure-alls via a controversial community which is as unproven as the majority of pills your swallowing on a daily basis. I'm not against either, I think both are helpful to a degree, if that's what you choose.

The bottom line: cut out the white sugar, eat meat sparingly, don't eat processed food, find a veggie you can eat without gagging, exercise, love yourself, love others, help people when you can and it will come back to you. This is only my opinion, but then I just had two spoonfuls of Ben & Jerry's Phish Food for breakfast, what do I know. But, what you need to know is that a natural way to heal yourself requires a mental capacity that resides within YOUR brain; you know what's right for you, educate yourself, don't just buy from the first snake oil charlatan in a nice suit, without knowing what your buying first.