Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Closing Time

Being in the customer service business is full-on-exhausting and at times humiliating, personally, I'm not a big fan of ass-kissing unless your name is Jared Leto or Jon Stewart and that ass is covered in chocolate syrup, so it was interesting to witness the Hermes US rep kissing Oprah's ass on her season opener yesterday. If I had an employee treat a customer badly, I'd reprimand her ass and get on with it. So, when Oprah felt the need to clear up what happened at Hermes this past summer on her show yesterday, it was like watching her rip the wings from an insect and then eat them, thanks for empowering bitchy, self-involved shoppers all around the world. If the store was closed, the store was fucking closed. Yes, there are limits to customer service, like when it infringes on your personal life and time. I love Oprah and I'm not ashamed to say it, she's done and continues to do a lot of good, but don't set the example by making my job harder than it already is.

Closing time is closing time, not time for you to beg for something you should have thought out more carefully, bought earlier, etc. To make such a stink about a snobby European salebitch, is petty, no matter who you are. Bringing that Hermes rep to his knees was bullshit, I swear, the guy looked like he was shitting his pants and holding back tears of fucking shame, bullshit. No one needs the overpriced trinkets, it's a status thing and it's bullshit. No one needs a purse valued in the thousands, for ANY reason, trust me on this. For the most part, you will be treated as you treat others and in the froo-froo over-priced crap world, that sentiment applies as well. Be nice people, salespeople, talk show hosts, just be nice, think better, shop better, take a fucking class in time management, please.