Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Dear Spyware and Spambots,

Stay the fuck off my computer. I don't want you tracking my visits anywhere, I don't want a larger penis or bigger boobs and as tempting as free porn can be, I don't want to see chicks with low self esteem and men whose self esteem lives in their dinglespit go at it. I just don't want it, I didn't ask for it. And don't think your safe Pop Up advertisers, I wouldn't buy your shit if you begged me, I'll go out of my fucking way to ignore your product, because you didn't have the goddamned decency to care that I, a consumer, are highly annoyed that you've interfered with my browsing experience, it's personal, it's my time, not yours to pimp shit I don't and won't need.

To the blogs that have loaded their site with pop-ups, stop it, your not gonna make a fucking dime from me, I may have been interested in your opinion at one time, but you lost me with the pop-up for weight loss pills, fuck that, I'd eat the damn ad if I could.

I loathe, despise and hate spammers, pop-up and spyware, get a real fucking job, all right, I'm done. Thanks. Fuckers.