Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Mastering Our Domain

Obsessive behaviors, we all have them in one shape or another. I gave my school money to the Red Cross and honestly, who was I fooling thinking that I could deal with school and a retail 4th quarter? It was easy to give the money away, the money went to a greater cause. So, yesterday instead of frolicking away my paid Holiday, I obsessed for hours in Photoshop, teaching myself and attempting to conquer the bitch on my own, my obsession mind you, but the point is is that we've all got that in us to some degree. Like say, focusing our countries funding on Terrorism, little did we fathom that the terrorist was a storm named Katrina, but fighting Terrorism has been obsessive since 9-11, the governments sole focus. Likening the fight against terror to learning Photoshop, both are intimidating, but when all our energies are focused on the one thing, we forget that Levee's do break, and the Excel spreadsheet due to our boss today wasn't finished, uh...whoopsie. So in the late hours of the evening, I finished the spreadsheet, my eyes are quit puffy today. See, I thought I was doing something good, learnin' meself something new uh-huh -- but I forgot about what I HAD to do. Puffy eyes are not flooded streets by any measure, but here we are.

The Creeping Storm an article from Civil Engineering Magazine 2003. Surprised the Levee's broke?? Phffft.