Monday, October 03, 2005

Supreme Court Nominee With The Boobie Factor And Other Spew

The President's left nut descends after nominating a woman for the Supreme Court this morning. Fear not, the right nut promptly receded up within his person, you can almost smell it. Ew. Let's hope this woman has balls enough to play with the big boys. Once a democrat, now a republican, she's a fickle bitch indeed and that's her prerogative, being a woman and all, I guess.


Dear Paris and Paris, thank you.


Maud Newton on African American Literature segregation in bookstores:
Ultimately, I am in favor of the color-blind shelving of books. As I said before, literature is universal. However, keep the Colored Section where it is. Let us call for the overthrow of racism, prejudice, and even indifference that makes such sections necessary.

I've been doing this book biz 21 years, 21 freakin' years and you can't win, you can only follow the trends and the trend is in favor of a section devoted to AF/AM literature -- right now -- it will change once more, once the sales drop (hopefully they won't), but I'm with Maud on this one, there is magic in finding a book you want to read not dictated by race or gender, if the story looks great, buy the book.


"I learned about sex from 'Betty and Veronica,' economics from 'Donald Duck,' and philosophy from 'Peanuts,'" Spiegelman said. "I should have been prepared when aliens took over the government."

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We have a very busy week ahead, it's that special time of year where the corporate heads make us work twice as much for the same money, charming little cubicle monkeys......hisssssssss....we will make every effort (kinda) to post daily, if it doesn't happen, you can find me in the fetal position under my desk at work. Have a lovely day!