Saturday, January 21, 2006

Folly & Fodder: The week that was, that begat the buzz

January 20th? Time is flying, February is upon us and we can't wash it off! This past week had a lot to offer like John Hodgman as a guest correspondent on The Daily Show. You might ask; "Who the fuck is John Hodgman?" or you might not, either way, The Hodgman is the author of The Area Of My Expertise and is one funny fella. I met him at Bumbershoot a while back, he was there with Neal Pollack making funny and signing books, we adore this man and his loaded sharpie (he just doesn't sign a book, he assaults it, lovingly...). Anyhoo, if John Stewart were a smart man (he is) they'd be wise to make Hodgman a regular "guest correspondent" (they will)(maybe). Mmmmkay.

Blogs, love them or hate them, are chock full of yummy links, buzz and blabber, a thought virus of epidemic proportion and I like it.

Music titters [via]: Two words - Arctic Monkey. No, it's not form of frost bite or an impossible sexual position, they are a nifty, super swell, golly-gee good britsh band.
"The music is antic and unrefined. The songs were recorded without any evident overdubs, and it doesn't sound as if much time was spent fussing around with amplifiers or setting up drum mikes: The band showed up, plugged in, and played. Their punchy garage rock carries echoes of bands past and present: the Jam's bright melodies and scrappy guitars, Franz Ferdinand's bursts of ragged funk. But the Arctic Monkeys aren't revivalists or imitators; their songs are eccentric, following a twisty logic that suggests that the lyrics preceded the music."

Hey, Hey, we're the Arctic Monkey's!!

Small Change: State Quarter's design for Washington state.
Click pic to vote for you favorite. FYI, I picked the salmon, 'tis fishy.

The not-so Biggest Loser: ABC's Lost to replace Hurley character with Kristie Alley! Kidding, kidding...but really, why is the fat dude still fat?
"After 50 days away from fast food and Western comforts, guess what? He's still the size of three Gilligans. But stay tuned; this could end up in the script."

Hmmmm, burp.[via]