Monday, January 23, 2006

The West Wing Closed For Public Tours....

Those money grubbin', suit wearing, asschimps at NBC are pulling the plug on one of my favorite boob tube escapisms The West Wing, we are not happy. It's been a rough couple of years for the show, but I've been a devoted fan and I'm going to miss some of the smartest television ever written. With the loss of John Spencer and declining ratings, they might as well cancel OR they could let Santos win with CJ as his Vice President, that would be hot. Maybe a spin-off is in order, Josh & Donna become lobbyists or snarky political bloggers?
As for your concerns, "West Wing" executive producer John Wells indicated the election will be decided during the April 2nd and 9th episodes, with the inauguration taking center stage in the finale.

Producers also are talking to Rob Lowe about returning for the finale. "Rob will have to decide whether he can make his schedule work and be able to come back for it," Wells said

The West Wing is the best thing to happen to Mr. Lowe's career, he best drag his skinny ass back for the finale.

Progressive, smart television is falling away from us; Will & Grace, Arrested Developement, and now the West Wing damn it all to hell. President Barlett kind of countered the reality of our current bumbling, liar of a President. The Bartlett administration was not without it's failure, but what we did see was the humane side of the hardest job in the world, it gave us hope that one day the White House would and could inhabit brilliant minds, not a bunch conniving charlatans.