Sunday, January 15, 2006

Who'll stop the rain?

We are damp, up here in the great Northwest, we've had a record amount of rain and it's still going strong. Sometimes an umbrella is a mandatory, other times it's just "fuck it" it's raining, woo. I'm pretty damn sick of the rain, but you can't talk sense with Mother Nature, sure you can tickle her ass and call her sweetheart, but she'll still kick your ass afterwards. For the most part, we here in the northwest corner of the red & blue are fine with the rain, after all, we are an adaptable species and really, what is so aesthetically wrong with webbed-feet?

The Seahawks won their playoff game yesterday, first time in 20 freakin' years and we are pleased. The rain didn't dampen their spirits, they acted like real Seahawks would above the water, they swooped down on D.C. and ate their eyeballs, good birdies.

Listen, I don't care if we break the rain record, I just need a sunny day, a warm sunny day, but I fear that's not in future so I'll just stare at a light bulb for the rest of January and February it's the least I can do to cheer me up. On the upside, I think of how lush and green it will be this spring and strangly, I still want to slap the weatherman, augh. Okay, I'm done bitching, for now.

Bottled Sunshine: Stephen Colbert's THE WORD video clips

Raining Cats and Dogs: "Hate against love has come to Pennsylvania"

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs: "These are cruel times for vaginas." Indeed.